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The runtime depends on which kind of objects are in your object set, and the way they are coded. Program ZAOC_PERFORMANCE can be run to analyze the performance of the different checks.

Below is a table where all checks has been run on a quite large code base,

Check Description Runtime
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_01 IF in IF 35 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_02 EXIT outside of loop 21 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_03 TRY without CATCH 22 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_04 Line length 22 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_05 7 bit ASCII 34 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_06 Check pretty printer use 94 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_07 Functional writing style for CALL METHOD 25 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_08 Obsolete statement 24 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_09 Tab instead of spaces 36 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_10 Use icon_ constants 28 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_11 Max one statement per line 21 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_12 Specify SORT order 25 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_13 Sequential blank lines 30 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_14 Commented code 117 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_17 Definitions in top of routine 20 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_18 Empty branch 22 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_20 Bad indentation 22 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_21 Unused FORM parameter 43 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_22 Conditions contain identical code 24 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_23 CHECK outside of loop 23 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_24 Identical code blocks 32 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_25 Selection screen data not referenced statically 36 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_26 No direct changes to standard tables 28 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_27 Last statement is RETURN 24 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_28 Space before . or , 22 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_29 Naming, Local test classes 23 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_30 EXPORTING can be omitted 24 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_31 Extended Program Check, Filterable 612 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_32 Database access 22 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_33 Append structure field names 18 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_34 Large WHEN construct 21 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_35 Message not in use 3 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_36 Exception text not in use 4 s
ZCL_AOC_CHECK_37 Define message texts in SE91 24 s

Updated 2015-07-19