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CHECK_01 - IF in IF

CHECK_02 - EXIT or CHECK outside of loop

CHECK_03 - Wrong use of TRY-CATCH

CHECK_04 - Line length

CHECK_05 - 7 bit ASCII

CHECK_06 - Check pretty printer use

CHECK_07 - Functional writing style for CALL METHOD

CHECK_08 - Obsolete statement

CHECK_09 - Tab instead of spaces

CHECK_10 - Use icon_ constants

CHECK_11 - Max one statement per line

CHECK_12 - Specify SORT order

CHECK_13 - Sequential blank lines

CHECK_14 - Commented code

CHECK_15 - Kernel CALL

CHECK_16 - Line contains only “.” or “).”

CHECK_17 - Definitions in top of routine

CHECK_18 - Empty branch


CHECK_20 - Bad indentation

CHECK_21 - Unused FORM parameter

CHECK_22 - Conditions contain identical code

CHECK_23 - Chained Statements

CHECK_24 - Identical code blocks

CHECK_25 - Selection screen data not referenced statically

CHECK_26 - No direct changes to standard tables

CHECK_27 - Last statement is RETURN

CHECK_28 - Space before “.” or “,”

CHECK_29 - Naming, Local test classes

CHECK_30 - EXPORTING can be omitted

CHECK_31 - Extended Program Check, Filterable

CHECK_32 - Database Access

CHECK_33 - Append structure field names

CHECK_34 - Large WHEN construct

CHECK_35 - Message not in use

CHECK_36 - Exception text not in use

CHECK_37 - Define message texts in SE91


CHECK_39 - Smartforms global definitions naming conventions


CHECK_41 - Empty line in statement

CHECK_42 - Identical WHEN code

CHECK_43 - Parameter name can be omitted

CHECK_44 - EXPORTING can be changed to RETURNING

CHECK_45 - Use expressions

CHECK_46 - Shadowed variable

CHECK_47 - RFC call error handling

CHECK_48 - Internal tables

CHECK_49 - Double space

CHECK_50 - ASSERT and unit test ASSERT

CHECK_51 - Open SQL - Escape host variables

CHECK_52 - Pragma placement

CHECK_53 - Function module recommendations

CHECK_54 - CALL TRANSACTION authority check

CHECK_55 - Statements can be chained

CHECK_56 - Method parameters

CHECK_57 - MESSAGE or list processing in global classes

CHECK_58 - Method or constant not referenced statically

CHECK_59 - Logical expression structure

CHECK_60 - Concatenation of string templates

CHECK_61 - Fake package encapsulation

CHECK_62 - LOOP simplification/performance

CHECK_63 - ABAP Doc - Check parameter consistency

CHECK_64 - Unit test not covering class

CHECK_65 - Smartforms syntax check

CHECK_66 - RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE message checks

CHECK_67 - CDS syntax check

CHECK_68 - IDoc syntax check

CHECK_69 - Prefix Naming Conventions

CHECK_70 - Find comment markers

CHECK_71 - MESSAGE using sytem variables SY-MSGTY, SY-MSGNO, etc

CHECK_72 - TABL Enhancement category missing

CHECK_73 - TRAN Check for inconsistencies

CHECK_74 - Deep nesting

CHECK_75 - Master language

CHECK_76 - INNER JOIN on text table

CHECK_77 - Class instantiation level

CHECK_78 - EC CI_SUBRC can be removed

CHECK_79 - CLEAR as first use of variable

CHECK_80 - Space before colon

CHECK_81 - Missing space

CHECK_82 - Pseudo comment placement

CHECK_83 - Unreferenced DDIC object

CHECK_84 - No public attributes

CHECK_85 - Activate fixed point arithmetic

CHECK_86 - S/4 Simplification (Obsolete Objects)

CHECK_87 - Dynpro consistency

CHECK_88 - Remove method and attribute descriptions

CHECK_89 - Check documentation (number of lines)

CHECK_90 - Constructor visibility must be public

CHECK_91 - Number of statements per proc. block

CHECK_92 - Existing unit test for Classes

CHECK_93 - Only Static Methods in one Class

CHECK_94 - Check String literals with LIKE, CP, NP

CHECK_95 - Object / Class member access

CHECK_96 - Check if “Editor Lock” is set

CHECK_97 - Check selection screen texts refers to dictionary

CHECK_98 - Empty Catches can be combined

CHECK_99 - Minimum number of WHENs in a CASE

CHECK_100 - Downport, no new syntax (prior to ABAP 7.40)

CHECK_101 - Prefer IS NOT to NOT IS

CHECK_102 - Use of SY-SYSID

CHECK_103 - SELECT on table with replacement object